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DBS: Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB).

This is a Criminal Record Check (CRB) as well as an identity check.

Brilliant Nannies can perform an Enhanced DBS check for you, whether you are a Nanny, Mother’s Help, Babysitter, Maternity Nurse, Au pair, Childminder and/or Adult carer requiring a new police check or if you are a Parent employing a childcarer and you would like to get a check done on the candidate. For childcare jobs we advise and require an Enhanced check.

We charge £80 to process an Enhanced DBS check and the applicant can sign up to the update service to guarantee an automatic update yearly which is checkable on line at anytime by the employer.

DBS update service is £13 per year and is not mandatory but a great benefit to the candidates and they’ll be sent a link with a tracking number after doing the check with us via email.
Important: Candidates will only be able to use this certificate when registering with the Ofsted if they sign up to the update service.

Below is the link to register to the DBS update service. Registration can only be completed after we’ve checked your documents and we’ve sent off your information to the DBS umbrella body.


The certificate number can then be used online to get an up to date check for spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings plus any additional information held by the local police that’s considered relevant to the childcarer.

Brilliant Nannies uses UKCRB and Swift Check who can conduct the checks online or through the post.

An Enhanced disclosure costs £80 that can be paid via Paypal or via bank transfer (please request our bank details).After the payment we’ll email you an online form and the instructions.

“The Disclosure Form” which asks for the following information from the applicant:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Identity documents, which may include Passport, ID and/or Birth certificate if you were born in the UK
  • Driver License if applicable (both card and counterpart)
  • National Insurance number
  • Town and County of Birth
  • Previous 5 years addresses (UK and abroad)

You need to provide proof of address from the past 5 years – One document from your current address and one document from each of your previous addresses in the past 5 years. (all documents must be original and official). Please see the list below:

  • Mortgage Statement (UK or EEA) (12 months)
  • Bank/ Building Society Statement (UK or EEA) (3 months)
  • Bank/ Building Society Account Opening Confirmation Letter (UK)
  • Credit Card Statement (UK) (3 months)
  • Financial Statement – e.g. pension, endowment, isa, etc. (UK) (12 months)
  • P45/ P60 Statement (UK) (12 months)
  • Council Tax Statement (UK) (12 months)
  • Work Permit/ Visa (UK) (12 months)
  • Letter Of Sponsorship From Future Employment Provider (Non-UK Only) (Applicants residing outside of UK at time of application)
  • Utility Bill – not mobile phone (UK) (3 months)
  • Benefit Statement – e.g. Child Allowance, Pension. (3 months)
  • A Document From Central/ Local Government/ Government Agency/ Local Authority Giving Entitlement (UK) (3 months)
  • EU National ID Card
  • Cards Carrying The Pass Accreditation Logo (UK)
  • Letter From Head Teacher Or College Principal (16 /17 yr olds in full time education)

    After filling the form and gathering your documents please email us on info@brilliantnannies.co.uk to book an appointment in our office in Teddington (TW11) – South West London, where we will be able to check your original documents as well as the form that will then be passed to one of our umbrella bodies to perform the Enhanced Disclosure.

    If you are not able to come to the office in Teddington, you can get your documents certified at some of the Post Offices – service called ‘Document Certification Service’ and Post Office fee is £10.50.
    *Post office can only certify 3 documents at once.

    **If using the Post Office service, the certified documents must be posted to us.
    Address: 27 Keeling House, Sutherland Grove – Teddington – TW11 8TU and then we’ll set up a Skype appointment to make sure I understand your history while checking your documents.
    Our Skype is: Brilliant Nannies.

    The Enhanced disclosure checks the following:

    • Unspent Criminal convictions
    • Spent criminal convictions
    • Cautions, reprimands and final warnings
    • Inclusion on children’s’ lists
    • Inclusion on adults’ lists
    • Other relevant information held by police forces.

    Candidates and Clients should be aware that this service could take up to 3 months, it depends on the person but usually it’s ready in 10 days. This must be considered when applying for or offering jobs.

    DBS official website with full information: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/use-the-dbs-website-to-answer-your-query

    Enhanced DBS Refund and Cancellation Policy: Payment is non refundable as of 24/02/17

    Polite notice: Please not that we don’t chase candidates after payment. Candidates must follow our instructions and email us to book their slot.

    DBS checks are considered essential for all childcare applicants in the UK.

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    or alternatively email us at info@brilliantnannies.co.uk

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