Our finders fee (one-off) is charged to the families upon a job offer is made and accepted by one of our candidates (not at the commence of the job).

We charge £20 to organize interviews per candidate (in person, over the phone or via Skype) from the families in advance, but this fee is deducted from the finders fee in case you hire one of them.

Please see our finders fee below and note that candidates’ hourly rate varies according to their experience, qualification, the type of service they are providing and the number of hours they work per day/week.

Live in or Live out Weekly hours/Notice UK fee OVERSEAS fee
Nanny, Housekeeper, Mothers’ Help 40 hours + £1600 £2000
Nanny, Housekeeper, Mothers’ Help < 10 hours
< 20 hours
< 30 hours
< 40 hours
Temporary Childcare More than 72 hrs notice £35 1st day
£15 per day thereafter > 3 months P.O.A.
£50 1st day
£20 per day thereafter
Emergency Temporary Childcare Less than 72 hrs notice £45 1st day
£25 per day thereafter
£70 1st day
£40 per day thereafter
Maternity Nurse More than 72 hrs notice

£25 per day or per night

£50 for 24 hours
£150 per week

£300 per week
Au Pair, Au Pair Plus £750 £1100
Babysitting (after 6pm)

One off

More than 72 hrs notice

Nanny Share
Family to Family introduction
Matching Fee £800
Tutors £25 per day
Childcare Consultant (Sleep Trainer, Troubleshooting ) P.O.A
Interview fee £20 per interview per candidate

Our fee will be pro-rated if the candidate work more hours on school holidays than the term time.

Fees updated on 12/07/17.

Families are responsible for the trial payment organised by us with the childcarers and their hourly rate must be paid at the end of the trial period direct to them.

*Candidates require a minimum of 72 hours notice for cancellation on temporary bookings and babysittings before the start date; otherwise 100% of their hourly rate will be charged if you don’t give them this notice period.

In case the job has started and you won’t need the candidate any longer, you still have to pay them to the end of the agreed date.

Temporary bookings: Agency fees must have been paid before the candidates starts.

Agency fees for temporary bookings are non refundable in case you cancel your booking.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions represent a legally binding contract between the employer and Brilliant Nannies relating to the introduction of permanent and temporary staff to you by Brilliant Nannies.

1. Definitions

“The Agency”: Brilliant Nannies.
“The Candidate”: Any nanny, maternity nurse or childcare professional requested or introduced.
“The Client”: The employer to whom the Candidate is introduced.
“Engagement”: The employment or use of the Candidate by the Client or any third party on a permanent or temporary basis.
“Introduction”: Any details of a Candidate given to the Client or third Party by email, post, telephone, in person or other means.
“Placement Fee”: the fee payable by the Client to the Agency for an “Introduction” resulting in an engagement.
“Matching fee” The fee payable by the Client to the Agency for Client matching for Nanny Share.
“Interview fee” The fee charged by the Agency to the Client per interview arranged, this fee is subtracted from placement fee if the Client choose one of our nannies.
“Trial day” When a client wants to try a candidate. (temporary fees will apply).

2. Contract

2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts for the Placement of any Candidate by the Agency to the Client.
2.2 These Terms and Conditions are deemed to be accepted by or on behalf of the Client when a placement is made. Any changes will be agreed in writing.
2.3 These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted on or behalf of the Nanny when a placement is made. Any changes will be agreed in writing.

3. Clients (families) Obligations/Responsibilities

3.1 The Clients acknowledge that the Agency operates as an introductory agency providing an introductory service.
3.2 The Client shall provide a contract of employment between the Candidate and the Client upon the job offer made up to 2 months.
3.3 The Client is responsible for deciding to appoint a Candidate and for ensuring that reference and other relevant checking is to their satisfaction before commencing with any form of employment.
3.4 The Client is fully responsible for the payment of the appropriate and agreed remuneration for any Candidate employed.
3.5 The Client is responsible for the Candidate’s Tax and National Insurance contributions.
3.6 The Client is responsible for obtaining work permits or other approvals necessary for the commencement of employment. The Client is also responsible for satisfying any medical requirements or qualifications as required by law.
3.7. The Client is responsible for the employment contract between the Client and Candidate. The Agency can offer a suitable model contract but is not responsible for any of the content.
3.8. Written or verbal communication supplied by the Agency shall be confidential. If the Client supplies information to a third party which results in an Engagement, these terms and conditions shall apply accordingly and the Client will be liable to pay the full Placement fees.
3.9. The Client is obligated to immediately inform the Agency if a Candidate is introduced by the Agency who has already been introduced by a third party. If the Client does not so inform the Agency then it will be presumed that the Introduction has been made by the Agency and the relevant Agency fee will become payable.
3.10. The Client agrees to not take on a Candidate via a third party (other agency, web site or similar) if the Candidate was introduced by the Agency first. If the Client does, the relevant Agency fee will become payable.
3.11. The Client shall notify The Agency immediately if a Candidate introduced or supplied by the Agency (either verbally or in writing) is engaged by the Client. The Client agrees to pay an introduction fee in accordance with the Agency Scale of Fees as a result of such engagement.
3.12.The Client is expected to give 2 months notice of any change to an offer of engagement.
3.13 Should the Client withdraw an offer of engagement prior to its commencement 50% of the Introduction will be payable in the event that 2 months notice is not given subject to the time scale of the employment offer.
3.14 The Client will provide the agency with suitable proof of address and ID.
3.15 The Client is responsible for paying the Candidate any agreed salary for trial hours required to ascertain the suitability of the Candidate, which is the Clients’ ultimate responsibility.

4. The Candidate (childcarers)

4.1 The candidate understands that the Agency provides an introduction fee only and provides Clients with the Candidates information for a fee.
4.2 The Candidate will provide documentation that is current, true and accurate. This covers any documentation requested by the Agency or the Client including referees, identification and qualifications.
4.3 The Candidate and the Agency agree that there is no employer/employee relationship between them.
4.4 The Client agrees to conduct himself or herself properly as a representative of the Agency.
4.5 The Agency has the right to terminate their agreement with the candidate for any reason. This includes but is not limited to supplying false information, unprofessional conduct, substance abuse, no showing, bypassing and misrepresentation of the Agency.
4.6 The Candidate is responsible for agreeing terms and wages directly with the Client. The Agency cannot be held responsible for any wages or terms of engagement that might result from employment.
4.7 The Candidate is not obligated to work for Client and may request an alternative placement at their discretion.
4.8 The Candidate hereby releases the Agency from all Claims and liabilities, injuries, damages and actions resulting from the actions of the Agency and the release of information by the Agency.
4.9 The Candidate agrees to always inform the agency of the days and hours worked when employed via us and to always inform us if contacted by a client previously introduced by the agency so the client can be invoiced.

5. The Agency

5.1 The Agency undertakes to introduce Candidates to the Client based on their required criteria, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any event arising from the engagement of a candidate nor for the final assessment of the Candidate.
5.2 The Agency cannot be held responsible for any events caused by the Candidate even if the action is negligent, fraudulent or reveals any dishonesty. This includes but is not limited to loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, problems, death, injuries or accidents incurred/ suffered by the Client or the Client’s family, employees or assets directly or indirectly during the introduction or employment of the Candidate.
5.3 The Agency cannot be held liable for guaranteeing the integrity, reliability or honesty of the Candidate; this is the ultimate responsibility of the Client.
5.4 The Agency does not employ the Candidate directly or indirectly. Candidates will always be employed by the Client and at the Client’s discretion.

6. Fees

6.1 Fees are payable to the Agency on the acceptance, either verbally or in writing by a Candidate of a position with the Client and not at the commence of the employment. It is the Clients full responsibility to inform the Agency if a Candidate has been offered employment.
6.2 The Placement fee for Permanent Placements will become due and payable within 5 days from the date of the invoice submitted by the Agency (ie when an offer has been made to a candidate and not at the commence of the job) and this will be subject to a 10% surcharge if not paid in this time. A further 10% surcharge will be added on each month after that. Unfortunately we are not able to accept payment by cheque, neither cards.
6.3 If a Candidate introduced by the Agency is rejected (or rejects an offer of employment) by the Client, a full placement fee will be payable if the candidate is employed by the Client at any time within 5 years of the introduction.
6.4 If a temporary placement becomes a permanent placement it is the Client’s full responsibility to inform the Agency. The full permanent placement fee shall apply and will be payable within 5 working days of an invoice being issued by the Agency.
6.5 Fees shall apply according to the Agency fees on the website. The Client shall be informed of any changes, which may apply to these.
6.6 Full Agency Fees will become payable when a Candidate introduced by us is offered and accepts the job (verbal or written) for a permanent or temporary position and not at the commencement of employment. Payment via bank transfer or deposit.
6.7 Once the candidate is offered a temporary placement with working days agreed with us, the client will be invoiced and our service has been completed. There will not be any modification on our temporary fees if the client changes its mind. Payment will be in 01 working day for temporary placements.

7. Nanny Share

7.1 Where the Agency is approached by two Clients who will share the Candidate’s services, the Clients are liable to pay the Agency fee in full between them.
7.2 Where the Agency is approached by a Client in order to find a 2nd Client and a Candidate, then each Client will be liable to pay 75% of the Introduction Fee and 100% of the Matching Fee.
7.3 Where the Agency is approached by the Client to find both a Candidate and a 2nd Client (as described in 7.2), if a Candidate is introduced by the Agency and the Candidate is subsequently engaged by the Client prior to a 2nd Client being found, the Client shall be liable to pay the full Agency fee. When the 2nd Client is found, that Client shall be liable to pay 75% of the Introduction Fee. Both Clients shall pay 100% of the Matching Fee at this point.
7.4 Where the Agency introduces one Client to another and both Clients engage with a Candidate not recruited by the Agency each Client is liable for 100% of the Matching Fee.
7.5 Where the Agency is approached by the Client who already has employed a Candidate and is looking for another Client to share the Candidate’s services, the Client shall be liable to pay 100% of the Matching Fee.
7.6 Where the Agency matches a Client with a another Client who has already employed a Candidate (as described in 7.5) the Client shall be liable to pay 75% of the Introduction Fee and 100% of the Matching Fee.

8. Replacement Candidates

8.1 If the Engagement terminates before the start date ir within 8 (eight) weeks of the date of commencement of any permanent placement, the Agency will attempt to find a suitable replacement (only one suitable replacement will be provided unless otherwise agreed in writing) at no extra cost to the Client providing that:
8.2 The Client notifies the Agency in writing within seven days of the termination of the Engagement.
8.3 All payments due to the Agency under these terms and conditions have been made by the due dates.
8.4 The Client has carried out the responsibilities/obligations under the terms and conditions set out by the Agency.
8.5 The Candidate does not leave due to change in the job description, working days and hours, change of location, or due to any unreasonable working conditions.
8.6 The Permanent Candidate terminated the contract due to unforeseen circumstances, for example: death in family.
8.7 Whilst the Agency endeavors to find a suitable replacement, the Agency makes no guarantee that a Candidate will be found.

9. Refund of Fees

9.1 Subject to clause 8 (above), if the Agency is unable to find a suitable replacement Candidate within eight weeks of the date the Client notifies the Agency of the termination of the Engagement and provided that the Client has not unreasonably refused the proposed Candidate(s), the Agency will pay a refund of the fee according to the following schedule:

Period of Employment

0-1 weeks: 75%
2-3 weeks: 50%
4-5 weeks: 25%
6-7 weeks: 15%
8 weeks: 10%

9.2 The Client acknowledges and accepts that if during the eight week period referred to in clause 9.1, the Client employes or engages with another recruitment agency, or uses any other recruitment method; the Client will not be entitled to any refund payment from the Agency. The Client understands that this clause is designed to give the Agency reasonable time to put forward a suitable Candidate.

10. Liability

10.1 The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, delay, costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or in anyway connected to the Agency seeking a Candidate for the Client or from the Introduction to or Engagement of any Candidate by the Client or from any failure of the Agency to introduce any Candidate. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Agency does not exclude any liability for death, personal injury arising from its own negligence.
10.2 The Client is responsible for ensuring that their home contents insurance includes cover for Employers and Public Liability insurance for domestic workers, including child carers.

11. General

11.1 The Agency reserves the right to refuse to represent a Client at any time
11.2 The Agency reserves the right to change or add to these terms and conditions without prior notification.
11.3 The Agency does not extend the 8 weeks guarantee.

12. Law

12.1 These Terms and Conditions of Business are governed by the law of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts if England and Wales.

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