How to Reduce Leg Swelling during Pregnancy

25th May 2020

In this pregnancy guide for first-time moms, you will learn about the following: Pregnancy swelling or edema Causes of leg swelling during pregnancy Factors that affect leg swelling Risks associated with leg swelling How to tell when the leg swelling […]

Is it right to teach children there are ‘100 genders’?

20th Sep 2019

“What are the different gender identities?” asks a little boy in one of the nine new BBC Teach films put out to support the personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum in schools – to which his head teacher replies: […]

Feeding Toddlers

16th Jan 2019

From ages 1 to 3 years, toddlers will begin eating more solid foods. Learn about types, quantity, and times to provide food for toddlers. Your child is now learning to eat more solid foods and is more active. Good nutrition […]

Creative ways to say ‘no’ to a child

4th Jul 2018

Do you feel you’re constantly saying ‘no’ to a child’s demands and requests? Chances are, if the child is ignoring you when you say ‘no’, you might be saying it too often. This can be a huge problem as you […]

HIRING A NANNY: 9 things you must know

4th May 2018

The time has come. You need to hire a an experienced and — dare we say it — fun new nanny for your children. Your nanny will be joining you on the special journey caring for and raising your children […]

How To Help Your Kids Have Fun And Learn This Winter

12th Jan 2018

Cabin Fever: How To Help Your Kids Have Fun And Learn This Winter Cabin fever is a common affliction in kids and even adults when winter rolls in and the weather presents a problem. For those who love spending time […]

The Challenges of Being a Single Father

10th Dec 2017

The challenges single fathers face can be slightly different than those of mothers. Society still holds on to many antiquated ideas regarding parenthood and who should be the primary caregiver. Of course, single fathers are just as capable of being […]

Heatwave Survival Tips

9th Aug 2017

Heatwave survival tips: How to get through the day if the hot weather has kept you up all night Balmy temperatures have you tossing and turning? Here’s how to make it through the working day without falling asleep at your […]

How Do Childhood Fears Emerge?

12th Mar 2017

How Do Childhood Fears Emerge? Childhood fears are a normal and natural part of development. They emerge in the gap between being exposed to something new and mastering the experience. This is why you will notice that ‘typical’ childhood fears […]

The secrets of people who never get sick

4th Feb 2017

very now and then one pops up at work, down the pub, in the park, outside the school gate, or in your own family’s mythology. The person who claims never to get sick. Colds brush past them without leaving so […]