Advice for Mums on returning to work

9th Dec 2015

Planning a return to work and worrying about managing the whole parenting-plus-work scenario?


Getting childcare sorted is key to the rest of the returning-to-work process.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right childcare for you and your family. So as discerning agency we really care that you get the most suitable person for your needs. Let our friendly team do the legwork and take the worry out of one of the most important decisions you will ever make so book your childcare as early as possible,

Smoothing the transition

Tips that will ensure you’re physically and mentally ready:

Try on your work outfits and make sure you have tights, shoe polish and accessories. Make sure everything still fits, or invest in some new basics if you are not the shape you were when working before.
If possible, have a couple of days with the baby and nanny together before you go back to go through the routine and tasks.
Use any accrued holiday to build up to full time.

Being back in the office

If you feel like crap on day one – honestly, things will improve. Your baby will be just fine, as long as you’re happy and you can trust your new baby nanny, of course it’s important that it’s something experienced and maybe qualified with up to date DBS check and First Aid certificates.
It’s you who will need to adjust.

Be prepared for the fact that you’ll feel like you’ve done a day’s work before you even get to work.
If you do not get back into the swing with colleagues, keep an open mind and discuss it.
Remind your bosses of what makes you so valuable to them.

Family matters

Juggling family and work is the job of both parents (even if you’re not with the dad anymore).

Discuss what you both want for your kids, then working out the best way both of you can contribute to that and how you’ll share responsibilities.
It’s not just a mum-thing. Men can be stay-at-home parents, can work part-time, pick kids up and do a handover from nannies.

A Nanny could be a comparable and vastly preferable option. Key advantages are that they work at your home, serving your chosen food, attending your local groups. They can take over very early, dress your children in the mornings, give them breakfast, they can do children’s laundry, ironing and bath your children end of the day for when you get home you have some fun time with them, not to mention your children will be looked after in their own safe home. There are no rigid hours, waiting lists and parking problems. A nanny is the ideal childcare solution for working parents.

Prioritise family time at weekends, remembering that ‘No’ is a complete sentence, and refusing to feel guilty about anything.

Did you know that research shows that families spend an average of 60 hours looking for a nanny without an agency? With our help you can cut that time in half without compromising on the quality of childcare for your child.

And remember, the golden rule is:

Don’t talk about work all the time at home and (probably more important) don’t talk about your kids all the time at work.

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