Interview Guidelines For Nannies

20th Oct 2016

The following notes have been written to help you assess and find the right job for you. It is a guide as to how to conduct yourself during a job interview and gives an indication of the kinds of questions it is appropriate to ask in order to gain as much information about the position as possible. When going for an interview through Brilliant Nannies, please also remember that you are representing us as an agency.
ARRIVE ON TIME!! That means make sure you arrive earlier but do not know on the door before the time booked for you as family might be busy or out.
Always allow 1 hour or 1.5 hours for the interview unless you have been told otherwise.
Make you know in advance how to get there by bus/train or car. Pre plan using TFL journey planner, national rail or the relevant transport site. If travelling by car use a route planner or sat nav and make sure there’s parking available. If it is restricted make sure you can use the meter (take spare change or use a pay by phone service) or find out if the Client can provide a parking permit for you (we can advise you of this if necessary).
When you go for the interview try to take notice of the area, whether you like it, what facilities it has that will be accessible to you. Take note also what the journey is like if you are going to commute.

SMILE when the Client opens the door. Remember first impressions count and can be the difference between gaining a contract or not!
What you wear reflects the kind of person you are so be aware, wear something comfortable and practical that gives you confidence and be prepared to play with the children if you are given the opportunity. It is probably best not to wear jeans (unless black) and remember that people notice shoes too. (don’t use heals).
Make sure you take the following with you to the interview:
Copies of ALL your references without their contact details:
2 copies of your CV
Original qualification certificates
Original DBS
Passport or Driving license
Visa (if applicable)

During the interview you will be asked a number of questions by the family, answer these honestly and not with one-word answers. Talk about your experience when relevant or asked and show initiative. If you are left with the children at any time, talk to them and play with them – you will be able to find out what they are like and create a good impression at the same time.

You will also have an opportunity to ask the family questions and this is a valuable chance to learn a bit more about the way they operate day to day as well as show them that you are respectful of their wishes. If you think it will be useful you can note down questions you want to ask and take this with you, you can then also make notes of the things you discuss. It is important that you are clear about everything that is being said, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you need. Remember that you may be spending a lot of time with this family so try to develop a good rapport with them, be aware of the atmosphere and the way the interview is conducted you can then assess how compatible you are. Try to keep in mind the most important fact that this family need to trust you to care for their children, be as open and honest as possible.


The Children

Do the children attend nursery/ school/ playgroups or other ‘clubs’?
Do the children have an active social life?
What does the daily routine involve?
Do the children have allergies, special diets, health problems, medications or special needs? Do they cope well with them?
Are there any parenting guidelines that you should follow in terms of behaviour (e.g. crying, nap times, television usage)

It is important that you are happy that you have enough experience to care for the children and that you can meet the families expectations in terms of activities such as sport and responsibilities such as the number of children and duties required of you.

The Parents

What do they like to be called?
Are they used to people working for them i.e. in their jobs?
Have they had a nanny before? How long for? How many? What happened to them?
How involved do they want to be with the children when they are at home?
How flexible are they in the daily routine?
Are there any specific rules about food?
Do they have fixed ideas about discipline?
What is their attitude towards educational/social and play activities?
Is TV allowed? Is so how much a day and what programmes?
Will you be allowed to take the children out? To arrange play dates with other children you know in the area?
What is their attitude towards friends?

You should try to be aware of how the parents conduct themselves, are they fussy, relaxed, calm, how do they relate to their children. Can you fit into the environment that you are put in. Are they familiar with having a nanny and is it clear what your role will be.

Terms & Conditions

Make sure you clarify the information you received from us in terms of the position you are required to fill, the hours and the duties expected.

It may also be useful to clarify the following:
Use of the car, including petrol and insurance?
What are the house rules?
What are your expected duties?
Do they employ any other staff? E.g. a cleaner?
If they have pets, will you be required to care for them?
How much notice will you be given on either side on leaving?
Do they have any specification on what you should wear?
Make sure you understand all the conditions and ask yourself if you are happy to adhere to them.
The House
Ask to see your accommodation if you are to be live-in.
– Where else in the house can you go?
– What can you use in the house?
– Is there a garden, where is a safe play area?

By the end of the interview you should have a clear idea of exactly what the job will involve and whether you would like it. The family may ask you to go back for a second interview, a trial or offer you the job on the spot otherwise they might have other nannies to interview and will tell us at a later date.
Please do try to let the family know if you are keen to have the job, enthusiasm can count for a lot!
If you are not absolutely certain that you want the job we recommend that you ask for some time to think about it in the event that an offer is made, you are welcome to contact us for advice in this area, we want you and the client to be happy with their choice.
If at any time you decide that the job is not for you, please let the agency know as soon as possible.

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