An Open Letter To Parents From Early Childhood Educators

28th Oct 2016

An Open Letter To Parents From Early Childhood Educators – We Need Your Help

Dear Parents:

You are your child’s most important adult. You are your child’s primary teacher. Yes, I am charged with teaching your child but I cannot do it without your help and support. Your influence over your child is infinite.

I am a parent too and I know how frustrating, tiring and overwhelming parenting can be. I understand that sometimes you think, “That’s it. I can’t do it. I’m handing this over to the school.” Unfortunately, that cannot work.

I see it as my life’s work to help teach your child the skills that will that will lay a foundation for future successes as well as the ability to bounce back from failures. I will teach your child that there are boundaries and expectations. I will help your child to have an understanding that the world is bigger than just one person so we need to be kind, respectful, tolerant and accepting. I will be as calm and consistent as I can be while guiding behavioral choices and socialization.

I will try to encourage questioning, curiosity and a love of discovery. I will look for the curious glance and listen carefully to your child’s questions. I will give as many opportunities as I can for your child to become a critical thinker who enjoys exploring, learning, literature and creating.

I only ask that you recognize the influence that your actions have on your children’s behavior and values. I can tell your child that hitting is not allowed but if you hit your child, the point is lost. They will not believe that hitting is unacceptable. If I say that an action is not acceptable but you accept it, I will never be able to steer their actions in another direction.

I can say that reading and writing are wonderful but if they never see you read or write, they will not value those activities. I can tell them that learning is a wonderful thing but if you tell them that you hated school, they will be prepared to hate it too.

Please be my partner in trying to forge a positive and forward thinking path for your child. Hear me when I need your support and I will listen when you need mine. Be in this with me and when you feel that you cannot, know that I understand. I will happily remind you that you can. Together, we can do all that can be done to help your child succeed.

Sincerely and with the Best Interests of Your Child Always at Heart,
Your Child’s Early Childhood Teacher

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