Playing Alone

23rd Nov 2016

Something has happened in my household recently, a change One that I’m not totally sure I like. I also suspect that it’s happening in many, many households with children, these days. It’s the strange, unfamiliar, almost unnerving sound of… silence. […]

Outdoor Toys: Safety

20th Nov 2016

There is nothing that compares to the sight of children playing in the great outdoors except, of course, children playing safely in the great outdoors. Parks, playgrounds, and backyards around the world are filled with a multitude of outdoor toys—playhouses, […]

Encourage Independence

15th Nov 2016

Children often struggle with the notion of time, which can make it difficult to keep them focussed on tasks, causing stress for parents and nannies who are faced with the task of shuttling their children out of the front door […]

An Open Letter To Parents From Early Childhood Educators

28th Oct 2016

An Open Letter To Parents From Early Childhood Educators – We Need Your Help Dear Parents: You are your child’s most important adult. You are your child’s primary teacher. Yes, I am charged with teaching your child but I cannot […]

The flu vaccine: what you need to know

27th Oct 2016

Not sure if you or your children really need a flu vaccine, wondering where to get it, or worried about its safety? Here are the facts … What’s the flu vaccine, exactly? In short, it’s your best available protection against […]

5 ways to keep your kids well this winter

27th Oct 2016

The temperature may be dropping, but their immunity doesn’t have to. Here’s how to help keep your little ones fighting fit. 1 Keep their hands clean Handwashing is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of germs […]

10 things every pregnant woman must do

27th Oct 2016

From choosing a name to writing a birth plan, there’s lots to keep you occupied for the next nine months. Put the following on top of your list: 1 See your midwife regularly When the thin blue line confirms your […]

Teaching Children to Ask for Help

20th Oct 2016

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone simply asked for help when they needed it? There are so many stigmas attached to asking for help. It is so hard for adults to accept when they need help that they […]

Interview Guidelines For Nannies

20th Oct 2016

The following notes have been written to help you assess and find the right job for you. It is a guide as to how to conduct yourself during a job interview and gives an indication of the kinds of questions […]

Teach a Child to “Fly” (About Imaginative Play)

15th Sep 2016

Teach a Child to “Fly” (About Imaginative Play). Probably, the first words in this blog post, you pay attention to, are the words: ‘teach a child to fly’. And, really, the title of this blog post was not chosen accidentally. […]